β€œMy Heart is in the Work” - Andrew Carnegie

Here is my Curriculum Vitae

πŸ‘‹ Hi there! I am Raghav Kapoor. I’m originally from New Delhi, India and currently based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

πŸŽ“ I am a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University - Language Technologies Institute, specialising in the field of ML/NLP with a special focus on integrating it into large scaled systems.

🏫 Previously, I completed my Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Computer Engineering from the Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi University in 2019, with a department rank 5 out of a batch of 210 and recipient of multiple academic scholarships and awards.

⚑My research interests lie in Large Language Models, Multimodal Machine Learning, Embodied AI, and Reinforcement learning. I am passionate about research involving the theoretical and applied study of Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. My research work has been published in top conferences such as CVPR, AAAI, and ACL.

🏒 Before joining CMU, I worked as a software analyst at Goldman Sachs for three years in the Electronic Trading Platforms team under the Global Markets Division, where my role was mainly concentrated on building and managing nanosecond latency systems that facilitates equities and options trading for institutional clients. I have also worked at MIDAS lab under Dr. Rajiv Ratn Shah on hate speech detection for code-switched languages, dependency-based embeddings for low-resource languages, and multimodal sarcasm detection.

πŸ’» Through my experience, I have developed expertise in Machine learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, NLP, Research, Scalable and Distributed systems, System design (HLD and LLD), Java, C++, Python, and backend development.

πŸ€ I firmly believe that my passion, hard work, and leadership skills shall empower me to create a meaningful impact on humanity through technology.